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The Malaysian Institute Of Purchasing and Materials Management ( MIPMM ) was formed in 1977 As a National institution, it focuses on promoting the importance of Purchasing and Materials Management for economic advancement. MIPMM also aims to upgrade educational standards of the profession by providing training and certification to meet the increasing demand for qualified and competent workforce of the industry. MIPMM is a non profit,self sustainable institution. The management of the Institute is vested in Governing Council of fifteen members. The National centre is based in Penang with regional centres in Petaling Jaya, Selangor and Johore Bahru. In 1984, MIPMM was admitted as an affiliated member of the distinguished International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM). Being a member of an international body, paved the way for the Institute to assume a more pro-active role in regional purchasing and materials management. The Institude has shown significant progress during its existence of nearly two decades. It has a membership strength of more than 1,000 people throughout Malaysia. Today, MIPMM has fortified its role as the leading institution in promoting professional developments in the field of purchasing and materials management.


MIPMM was founded as north malaya institute of purchasing and materials management (NMIPMM) by a group of enthusiastic practitioners in this profession.

MIPMM was registered with the registrar of societies. Its first president was Mr. Chow Sai Lam and the vice president was Mr. Joseph Eng Kok Kwang.

MIPMM was conferred the status of a National Institution and renamed as Malaysian Institute of Purchasing and Materials Management.

YAB Tun Dato'Seri Dr. Lim Chong Eu, then the Chief Minister, was made the patron of MIPMM.

Mr. Joseph Eng Kok Kwang became the second president of the Institute and is still serving the institute in this position

MIPMM was admitted as the 38 th member of the international federation of purchasing and materials management (IFPMM).

MIPMM was given the honour to host the 4 th Asia pacific regional IFPMM conference in purchasing and materials management in Penang, Malaysia.

MIPMM's central regional office at petaling jaya, Selangor was officially opened.

MIPMM and the chartered Institute of purchasing and supply (IPS), United Kingdom, an institution recognized through the commonwealth, signed an agreement to introduce joint certification programme in purchasing and materials management in Malaysia.

MIPMM's south regional office in Johore was officially opened.

MIPMM hosted the 7th Asia Pacific regional IFPMM conference in purchasing and materials management in kuala lumpur, Malaysia.

MIPMM president, Mr. Joseph Eng Kok Kwang was appointed as the vice president of IFPMM Asia pacific region.

MIPMM become an allied member of the prestigious national association of purchasing and materials management, USA.

MIPMM patron YAB Tun Dato'Seri Dr. Lim Chong Eu become the first recipient in the ASEAN region to receive the IFPMM award of Recognition - GARNER THEMOIN AWARD.

MIPMM resident, Mr. Joseph Eng Kok Kwang was appointed as a member of the advisory board of the center for advance purchasing studies, Arizona USA.

In his capacity as the vice president of IFPMM, MIPMM president Mr. Joseph Eng Kok Kwang signed an agreement with cornhill publications Ltd., UK to publish a magazine in purchasing and materials management for the Asia pacific region.

MIPMM facilitated the formation of Malaysian production and inventory control society (MPICS). Subsequently, MIPMM president, Mr. Joseph Eng Kok Kwang was elected as the first president of MPICS.

The 1st Asia Pacific Purchasing and Materials Management magazine was published and circulated throughout Asia.

Organized 1st Malaysian conference in supply chain management in penang.

The Malacca education centre was officially opened.

The Governor of penang, TYT Tun Dato' Seri (Dr.) Haji Hamdan Bin Sheikh Tahir officiated the 1st MIPMM Golf Tournament in Penang and presented certificates to successful Northern region students during the Graduation Day ceremony.


All MIPMM Programs approved under Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) -Ministry of Human Resource, Malaysia. MIPMM was endorsed as the sole Institution of the Asia Pacific Logistics Federation (APLF) which was formed in 1995 with 12 countries of the Asia Pacific Region. MIPMM celebrated the 20th Anniversary at the Central Region with Members

MIPMM remodeled & enhanced all training programs to meet current trend and in meeting customers demand

MIPMM Kick of the ITC's IPSM Modular Learning program in Penang.

MIPMM Central Regional Office officially moved to Leisure Commerce Square, Petaling Jaya.

MIPMM set up the Ipoh Branch.

MIPMM Internal "Accreditation Board" approved the locally develop MIPMM Diploma,Advance Diploma & Certificate.

MIPMM appointed Strategic Alliance Resources (Asia Pacific) as licensed provider for training and Certification programs.

MIPMM venture to blended e-learning with NetAcademy Malaysia.

MIPMM officially launched the Blended E-learning program with NetAcademy & reputable foreign University in Phd, Master & Degree programs .

MIPMM set up Professional Development Talent Team (PDTT) to spearhead special projects and research development in SCM studies.

MIPMM celebrated the 30th Anniversary.

MIPMM Senior Board members delegates carried out Regional Research Study Tour to the Asia Pacific Region to explore value added programs for MIPMM.

MIPMM established Training Centre in the East Malaysia state of Sarawak to promote Supply Chain Management program with partnership with Genesis Technology Solution in Kuching.

MIPMM President was invited by the Egypt Industrial Development Authority to conduct a 5 -Day intensive training program for SCM professional.

MIPMM with joint collaboration with the Malaysia- Japan Technical Society, conducted a 1-week Supply Chain/ Logistics Training Program for the Afro-Asia Entrepreneur Grouping in Kuala Lumpur.

MIPMM National Office officially moved to Kuala Lumpur from Penang.

MIPMM was awarded SME Incentive Program in Perak by HRDF for Certified Supply Chain Practitioners(CSCP). MIPMM Collaboration with MISDEC successfully conducted Certified Logistic Management (CLM) program.

MIPMM Awrded SME Incentives Program for second time by HRDF for Certified Supply Chain Practitioners(CSCP). -President of MIPMM, Mr. CL Yang awarded the " Lewis E-Spangler Award" by IFPSM -President of MIPMM , Mr CL Yang awarded the " Certified Logistics & Supply Professional" Asia Pacific - CLSP-AP certification.

MIPMM Delegates Attended IFPSM Regional Board Meet in Shenzhen- China.MIPMM President Attended year 2015, APLF Board Meet held in Melbourne- Australia.MIPMM's 5 Certified Program approved as Globally Recognised Certification Program by HRDF

MIPMM Certified Programs attended by more than 300 participant from Malaysia and Internationally from the year 2012. MIPMM-Forum Government Procurement & Supplier & IFPSM Regional Board Meet held in Kuala Lumpur.
-MIPMM launching Government Procurement & Supplier Certification for Malaysia and International Practitioners. 
- MIPMM launching of Internationally Recognise Diploma Program to enhance and equip with knowledge of the work force locally and internationally